Tortuous Path To Justice : Lifer For Former BJP MP

The conviction ofan MP for murder by the CBI court in Ahmedabad reveals how the rich and powerful get away with heinous crimes unless the judicial system works as it should.
“Not only must justice be done; it must also be seen to be done”, or so goes an old saying. In this case it was finally seen to be done, nine days short of a nine year long epic battle. when the Special CBI Court in Ahmedabad sentenced former BJP MP from Junagadh, Dinu  Bogha Solanki and six others, including his nephew and a police constable, life came full circle for a grieving father and a small dedicated band which fought indomitable odds to secure justice for the murder of his son, RTI activist Amit Jethva in 2010.
Amit’s father, Bhikhubhai, says: “The conviction is a victory of the judiciary and a proof that a judicial system exists which is re-assuring for commoners”. The verdict is perhaps the first time in the history of Gujarat that a former MP- he was a sitting MP when the crime took place- has…

Insidious Ways Of Duplicitous Governance !

Insidious are the ways authorities function,preaching one thing, practicing quiteanother .
Administrative muscle- flexingto suit political goals was on display when the BJP ledVijay Rupani government in Gujarat banned the export of livestock days ahead of Eid. Even the Narendra Modi- led governmentexpressed its intentto confirm it countrywide but stopped short of doing so. Here is a classic case of how governments function in India, looking London and talking Tokyo.
In April, the Gujarat High Court quashed three notifications of the state government aimed at stopping export of livestock from Tuna port in Kutch, terming it a ‘colourable exercise of powers”, to do something which cannot be done directly.
A division bench of justices Harsha Devani and Bhargav Karia termed the decision as ‘grossly illegal, unconstitutional and violative of the fundamental rights of the petitioners”.
Several livestock exporters had sought judicial redressal after the state government issuedorders u…

Gujarat : Tinder Box Tragedy And A Complicit Government

Gujarat spent Rs 3,000 crore building the Statue of Unity, the tallest statue in
the world, but in Surat 22 students died on May 24 because the fire brigade did not 
have a ladder to reach the fourth floor of a building in flames.
Considered the commercial capital of Gujarat, Surat is the eighth largest city of India. There are almost 14,000 people per km here and the skyline is dotted with multi -storeyed buildings. Many lack safety standards, leading to the chilling sight of these teenagers jumping to their deaths when a fire engulfed their coaching centre. There was not even a netting to catch them as bystanders clicked the sight on their mobiles, showing the criminal callousness of the government. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has ordered a crackdown and warned that the guilty would not be spared but it is his government as well as those of his predecessors,Narendra Modi and Keshubhai Patel, which are in the dock. A perturbed National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) has suo m…

Poll Pot : Gujarat Law Minister In Legal Soup

BY R.K.MISRA  The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.  This is what is hoped in the case of Gujarat minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, whose election victory in 2017 by a mere 327 votes was challenged in the Gujarat High Court by his Congress rival Ashwin Rathod. As the case winds down, all eyes are on the judgment that will come out. Chudasama is a heavyweight in the Gujarat cabinet as he holds the ministries of law and justice, education and legislative and parliamentary affairs. He has enjoyed the confidence of various chief ministers, be it Keshubhai Patel, Narendra Modi, Anandiben Patel or Vijay Rupani. He is a six-time legislator who has been with the saffron outfit since the Jan Sangh days, was an agriculture minister in the Janata dal-BJP coalition government (1990), chairman of the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam and vice-chairman of the State Planning Commission. The current travails of Chudasama began when the election result came out in December 2017 and he…

Modi's Gujarat Model : A Matchless Mirage !

BY R.K.MISRA Myths multiply matchlessly while reality is a reluctant racehorse. The same stands true for the Gujarat model of development which is the national role model in Narendra Modi ruled India. Hyped perpetually by a high voltage media blitz, gullible products of the ‘whats app’ university have led to the belief that Gujarat was ‘born’ the day Modi took charge as Chief Minister on October 7, 2001 and developed magically over the next 4,610 days until a buoyed nation asked him to relinquish charge on May 22, 2014 to lead the country. A reality check, based purely on facts, of his rule of the state would be in order. Though Prime Minister Modi is the present messiah of the Swachh Bharat movement, interestingly, it was Mahatma Gandhi who had launched the biggest sanitation drive in the history of Ahmedabad in 1919, cleaning almost 3,000 tonnes of garbage. Thirteen plus years of Modi’s helmsmanship and five years of his own party’s successors later, Gujarat accounts for three of the…

Gujarat : Different Strokes For Different Folks

BY R.K.MISRA While the Court gave relief to a Gujarat Congress MLA regarding his disqualification, it denied urgent hearing of a plea from Hardik Patel of the same party, bringing into question his ability to contest the polls. In the space of just 24 hours, two leaders from Gujarat who looked for succour from the Supreme Court were left with different expectations. In the first case, the Court on April 1 stayed the Central Election Commission's (CEC) decision notifying the Talala assembly constituency seat in Gujarat as vacant and declaring by-polls there along with the Lok Sabha polls. There was hurry in the process of law at all levels in disqualifying Congress legislator Bhagabhai Barad of Talala. In the second case, the apex court denied urgent hearing of a plea by Congress leader Hardik Patel to suspend his conviction in a 2015 rioting case and thereby put paid to his ambitions of contesting the Lok Sabha polls. It all began in 1995 when an FIR was lodged against Barad which a…

L. K. Advani : Requiem For A Dream

Political epitaphs have a way of returning to reclaim the hand that buried them.
If the present prime minister of India, spares no effort to berate Jawaharlal Nehru for perceived injustice to his deputy Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, how would Narendra Modi be rated when posterity evaluates him for putting to pasture two of his own party patriarchs-L.K.Advaniand Murli Manohar Joshi? Lot less flatteringly then he desires.
Lack of basic courtesy bordering on utter disdain marked the manner in which the two were sent packing. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the third of the triad that sculpted the BJP to power, had already been reduced to a ritual when he bowed out.
Every dawn comes with a timed sunset but it is the way you treat your revered that shows the moral fibre of a leadership and the pedigree of a party. It is common knowledge that BJP president Amit Shah did not even care to inform the two that their candidature was not in the reckoning in the 2019 general elec…