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Modi Magic : Amit Steps Into Advani 's Illustrious Shoes !

When Prime MinisterNarendra Modichose Amit Shah as a replacement for BJP veteran L.K. Advani from Gandhinagar lok sabha constituency for the 2019 general elections, it was more to recreate the Atal-Advani visual imagery in governance than anything else. . Prime Minister Modi is a great one for symbolisms as image building tools . By replacing L.K.Advani with BJP party chief Amit Shah, the obvious message sought to be conveyed is thatthe seat has been given to thenational party president as a mark of respect to the veteran leader who held it for seventerms.
The add-on is thatafter completion of his second term as party chief, Shah may find place in the cabinet as a number two if the BJP comes back to power at the Centre. The most enduring image that still moves the Jan Sangh-BJP imageryis the Atal Bihari Vajpayee- L.K.Advaniduo. Both images off course are a take-off from the original one in the first government of independent India - Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru- to his dep…

BJP Turns Poacher For Parliamentary Power In Gujarat !


The BJP bagged all the 26 lok sabha seat in Gujarat in 2014.  A repeat feat is almost impossible in 2019. So it begs, borrows  and steals !
As general elections 2019 near, the BJP credo of a ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’(Congress free India) , enunciated by its   president Amit shah at the beginning of the term seems to have petered  into a ‘Congress yukt  Bhajap’ (Congress colonized BJP)as it nears the end. This may be less noticeable in other states but is more so in Gujarat , his home state as well as that of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The BJP which prides itself on being a cadre-based party sees no problems in cannibalizing from the Congress. After It worked overtime, to win over Kunvarji Bavaliya, a senior leader  of the Gujarat Congress, it had early this February inducted Asha Patel, Congress legislator from Unjha constituency in North Gujarat. Patel quit the party and her seat  to join the BJP soon after. 
Not content, the poaching continued into March when Congress le…