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A New Caste Called ' Unreserved Castes ' !

Don’t play with fire, it burns.
The caste conundrum has burnt the BJP’s boats in Madhya Pradesh and is set to singe it in Gujarat, even sink it !
Caught in a cleft-stickfollowing the 2015patidaragitation which saw the ruling party nearly toppled fromits power perch in the 2017 Vidhan Sabha elections, successive BJP governments in Gujarat find themselves lost in the reservation alley, sinking further every time it seeks to beat its way out.
It’s latest move came on December 8 when it put out a list of 69 castes and sub-groups among, hindus, muslims, Christians, jains, parsis as well as jews who wouldbe defined as “unreserved classes”.
Officially the list is designed to provide caste certificates to those from theunreserved castes so that they can get benefits under the Gujarat Unreserved Educational and Economical Development Corporation Scheme of 2017.”This in effect means that the government has now created a new caste category called the ‘unreserved castes’. It’s like the pr…