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Eating Words For Breakfast !

Past is never past .It returns to haunt the future.
See how .And I quote.“It is a matter of great concern that the federal structure is under increasing strain ,merely to suit the whims and fancies of the rulers in Delhi .What we are witnessing today is the systematic disruption of our country’s federal structure both in letter and spirit.
Paradoxically, the rulers in New Delhi have repeatedly flexed their muscles in areas where  they should ideally be friendly and cooperative with the states. In order to do so they have not spared any constitutional office .There are many instances of states being targeted through the office of the Governor .Several other bodies are also being misused by the Centre to weaken the states ruled by the opposition in order to score political brownie points .Chief ministers are not consulted on crucial appointments .Rather appointments are being thrust down violating the spirit of the laws of the land. Why is it that chief ministers cutting acr…