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India:The Sound And Light Show

Nothing grows under a banyan tree .Again, dazzling light ,shattering sound and pummeling propaganda may induce ,even overawe but rarely inspires .Whether It is Indira Gandhi or Narendra Modi, two diverse ends of the Indian political spectrum ,neither nurture leaders .They only have sub-ordinates and followers .The Congress is already facing the repercussions ,the BJP will do so over time.
Highly individualistic leadership with an over centralised administration has it’s own pitfalls . When the going is good it is very good, but when it is bad it is worse .There is much in common between the two,except that the instinct to command and control is more heightened in Modi.
If Indira had to battle hard to neutralize the powerful ’syndicate’ within the Congress comprising Morarji Desai .Sanjivva Reddy, S. Nijalingappa, S.K.Patil and Atulya Ghosh , Modi found it comparatively easier to create his ‘margadarshak mandal’(advisory council) comprising L.K.Advani ,Murli Manohar Joshi and…