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Validating Vendetta

Vendetta politics  is the art of looking for trouble ,finding it whether it exists or not ,and applying the wrong remedy, or so goes an oft repeated saying.
Cold Delhi was sizzled on December 15 as the Central Bureau of Investigations(CBI) sought to ‘marinate’ the Delhi Chief Minister’s Office in a controversial raid that saw temperatures soaring in Parliament  and fingers pointed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for resorting to such a practice. After Himachal Pradesh ,this is the second Chief Minister or his office to be targeted by the Narendra Modi led BJP government  in it’s less than two year long tenure. Interestingly just around the time that the CBI was pursuing the raid on the Delhi  chief minister’s office, far away in Gujarat’s capital of Gandhinagar ,a court was issuing a bailable warrant against minister Purshottam Solanki in an alleged Rs 400 crore fisheries scam during the time when he was a minister in the government headed by chief minister  Narendra Modi .…

BJP Homesick In Modi's Gujarat


 Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, for this time it tolls nearer home.
Delhi ,Bihar and now Gujarat .Billed as the semi-final encounter before the next State Assembly polls in 2017, the election results to 323 local self government bodies in Gujarat is cause for alarm to the ruling BJP and nectar to the ears of the Congress .Rendered comatose by Narendra Modi in his 13 year long rule of Gujarat ,the Congress has virtually risen from the grave within just eighteen months of his departure for Delhi .The results announced on December 2  is  bad news for the BJP in Gujarat .While the ruling party in the state has managed  to retain urban control ,the  Congress has swept  the countryside.
As for the results ,the ruling BJP retained control of  the municipal corporations of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot ,Surat,Jamnagar and Bhavnagar  and 40 of the 56 smaller town municipalities but  the Congress walked  away with a majority of the 31 district panchayats and 230 taluka panchayat…

Pulpy Pride And Painful Prejudice

Tolerance may be troubling but arrogance annihilates. The storm over the statements by the star Khans - Shahrukh then Aamir- fanned through televised debates and the abusive anonymity of the social media is troubling .What did they say that should make people yell bloody murder ?Are they being hounded because  they are public figures and muslims at that ?Does a star wife have no right to voice her insecurity ? What does the National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB) have to say? It states that every 20 minutes a woman is being raped in India .Nearly one in three rape victims is under the age of 18 and one in ten under 14.Since 2010 crimes against women has increased by 7.1 per cent .That Delhi ,Mumbai ,Jaipur and Pune  - in that order-are among the top unsafe  cities in India .And the most horrifying part is that 94 per cent of the offenders were known to the victim and her families .So where  does that leave us.
Statistics may trouble but insecurity grips the mind only when those a…