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Username India, Password Gujarat


Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative but success is a science. If you have the conditions, you  get the results.Thus goes an old saying. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi heading a BJP majority government loosely garbed in an almost redundant  National Democratic Alliance(NDA) completes an  year in office, it is time to delve deep and dissect dispassionately to foresee the future.
Over a year ago, the conditions were ideal. A decade of familiarity had already bred contempt. A thoroughly besmirched Congress led UPA had to go. The young had little patience for the old. And in the vacuum came charging  the knight in dazzling armour, riding astride a pedigreed horse called Gujarat. The results followed. Narendra Modi milked  both ‘chai’ and ‘chant’ to bag the chair.
One year into power, the shining shield has given way to name-sporting suits but India’s dapper prime minister resolutely refuses  to get of the high horse called Gujarat. All roads from Delhi can be tra…

Heads, I Win. Tails, You Lose.

By R K Misra

Destiny is a tyrant’s authority for tomfoolery and a fool’s excuse for failure. More so in politics. Not all are born great; some have greatness thrust on them but then neither are those perceived as great, always wise. 
And when respected citizen-journalist, Arun Shourie speaks, the toast of the times, Prime Minister Narendra Modi need  take a reality check on his politics and pursuits rather than be guided by personal pique to engineer  a contrived PR show counter. Shourie, unlike the two other mercurial mavericks, Subramaniam Swamy and Ram Jethmalani, who stood by Modi in his worst hours of crisis (2002 communal riots etc,etc), commands respect in both journalism and politics. A man of unimpeachable integrity, he has earned every bit of it through his exemplary conduct, and high quotient credibility. And when he speaks, people listen.
For most of those  who have  watched  Modi and his politics over years and decades, he has now become very predictable in his unpredictabil…